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In all things.. Give thanks.. And Popzmoke

I am a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor, putting the fun in functional fitness. I am different from some of your regular shmegular PTs. I like enjoyment, which means I will never tell you to eat brocolli and do 5000 squats to improve your health. 
I focus on helping people be or become the most comfortable version of themselves, and help them unlock the door to a sustainable journey of fitness, self awareness and self appreciation. 

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Everything you desire, you will receive. 

I am Kenny, a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor. 
Whatever you've done on your fitness journey - I've been there. Healthy and unhealthy. But the one thing that I have not done, is given up. CONSISTENCY has got me where I am today. 
I'm not trying to sell you slimming teas or waist trainers, I'm on here selling you me. Unapologetic, imperfect, valuable and real me. 

I won't promise you that you will have a flat belly and big booty, and I won't promise you that you will have abs of steel for Dubai in 3 weeks.
What I will promise you is that you will learn to love every single version or yourself on your self improvement journey, and you will have me there cheering you on, and if there are days that you don't believe in yourself, you can borrow some of the belief I have in you.

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Do you struggle with knowing what to do in your fitness journey, or do you need guidance in the gym? Do you need someone to give you discipline or accountability when you lack motivation? If the answer to any of these is yes, I'm your lady!! 
Whether it’s losing/gaining weight or trimming and toning/building muscle, my program will improve your health and have you living your fit truth and loving your journey every step of the way. 



FitStudioz Greenwich, 3-5 Woolwich Rd, London SE10 0RA


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I loved your lives and it really got me in positive spirits during lockdown when I was probably feeling at my most unattractive and my lowest. 

Working out with Coach Popz is always the best vibes, whether in real life or online. The biggest heart and your biggest cheerleader, the music is always so well suited to what we're doing and means if all else fails you can just dance and henjoy!!!!

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If you have enjoyed your Popztars experience to date, or if you think I could do anything better, I would love to hear from you. 

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